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In the world of photography, where every click aims to tell a story, Alex, the lead photographer of Lexron Photography, stands out as a master storyteller.


Based in the vibrant DMV (DC, MD, VA) region, Alex has carved a niche for himself by blending professionalism with an intimate understanding of his clients.

Lexron Photography, under his adept leadership, has become synonymous with capturing not just pictures but the unique essence of each individual's narrative. 

His commitment to recognizing individuality is evident in his approach, acknowledging that every client possesses a distinctive photographic style. Alex's dedication to getting to know each client personally fosters a comfortable environment where natural and authentic moments can unfold effortlessly.

Take a look around, and please feel free to contact us with any questions.


Lexron Photography seeks to capture the essence of humanity in each of our client’s precious life moments. We do this by creating warm, professional, and dynamic photography sessions full of passion and professionalism. We value individuality and understand that each client’s photographic style will be different, making us passionate about getting to know you individually. We do strive to protect our client’s proprietary information and respect the privacy and property rights of all our subjects.

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We offer 4 options for a photo session with Lexron, which include Branding Sessions, Portraiture, Event Photography, and Lifestyle & Fashion. 

For branding sessions, we offer a comprehensive and personalized experience designed to visually capture the essence of your brand. These sessions typically include professional headshots, images of your workspace or products, and curated shots that reflect your brand's values and personality. 

How about Family sessions, or Lifestyle shots? I work with influencers, entrepreneurs, small business owners, looking for unique, captivating, and engaging imagery.

"This is exactly what my brand needs!"

Let's get to work! Click below to view our packages.


So honored to work with you! Magic is real! Thanks for the AMAZING results and your patience each time! ❤️

~ SecretsofYve ~


Photography by the incredible, Lexron Photography. The way you capture every detail is pure artistry. Reach out to him if you need a fantastic photographer for any event, or just to capture solo or family portraits. One thing that’s guaranteed - you’ll have incredible shots and an amazing human behind the camera ❤️❤️.

~ Jacinta ~

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