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Celebrating Black Excellence: A Look Inside Lexron Photography's Feature in Black Family Magazine

Lexron Photography and The I Am Africa Connection Highlighted in Special February Edition

In the world of photography, where every click aims to tell a story, Alex, lead photographer of Lexron Photography, stands out as a master storyteller. The February Special Edition of Black Family Magazine has dedicated a well-deserved spotlight to showcase Jean Adero, Africa's Life Coach, the "I Am Africa" Community Leaders, and The Lexron Photography connection.

Lexron Photography News

Based in the vibrant DMV (DC, MD, VA) region, Alex has carved a niche for himself by blending professionalism with an intimate understanding of his clients. Lexron Photography, under his adept leadership, has become synonymous with capturing not just pictures but the unique essence of each individual's narrative.

Lexron Photography News

For the past three years and counting, Alex has closely worked with Jean Adero, the

Visionary behind I Am Africa Atlanta and Nairobi, serving as the resident photographer for the "I Am Africa Experience." Jean acknowledges Alex's role at I Am Africa,

emphasizing the unique perspective he brings to the storytelling process. She fondly refers to him as “The Eyes of I Am Africa,” captivating visuals that are not just photos but an interpretation that captures the spirit and essence of this transformative event.

In addition to the I Am Africa Experience, Lexron Photography's resume boasts of cataloging Samar Healthcare's Muscle Up Your Mental Health annual event, InterFaith Works, Howard University, and Church of the Redeemer. Notably, he has also documented events involving the now-governor of Maryland – Gov. Wes Moore, and captured the President of Kenya – H.E. William Ruto, at a Kenyan gathering in Washington DC. Last August, and was pivotal in documenting the Daring Abroad Investment Forum with visionary Alex Chamwada in collaboration with the Kenyan Embassy in Washington, DC.

This recognition in Black Family Magazine is a testament to its excellence, commitment to authenticity, and the power of visual storytelling to empower and uplift, resonates well with the values of Black Family Magazine.



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